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General guidelines

  • Solve each math problem by choosing one of the options within 10 seconds (level 1 does not have a countdown).
  • You can make 3 mistakes in total. Make sure you choose an answer within the time limit or face a game over.
  • You can also provide your name at the end of each game, and if your score is high enough you will be added into the hall of fame table.
  • Be quick! The timer is running and it will effect your score.

Enjoy and have fun. Oh, and please no cheating.


Fun with Numbers (FwN) application lets you playfully solve simple mathematical problems (only summing for now). Highlighted features are:

  • Randomized
  • Time based
  • Fun scoring system
  • Centralized hall of fame system

Created by Sherwin Pirs. Special thanks go to YellowCherry for testing.